Officers for the 2015-2016 Fraternal Year

Welcome to our Worthy Grand Knight, Carmon Comunal, who will lead the council activities this fraternal year.

Officers are elected during regular election meeting.
District Deputies are appointed by the State Deputy and oversee several local councils. Each local council is led by a Grand Knight. Officers are elected by members and include the Deputy Grand Knight, Chancellor, Warden, Recorder, Treasurer, Advocate, Guards and Trustees.


Grand Knight
Carmon R Comunal
Deputy Grand Knight
John C Wharton
Edward K Kravetsky 
Financial Secretary
Michael F Elworth 
Recording Secretary
Andris Galvins 
Donald M Schmitz 
Bill A Buchanan
Thomas R VImont
Inside Guard
Derek J Donatelli
Outside Guard
James V Trull
1 Year Trustee 
Stuart P Hall
2 Year Trustee 
Dennis A Ameen
3 Year Trustee 
Frank Lucarelli